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Notre Histoire 

​La boulangerie





We opened Hugo et Léo in November 2010. The bakery was built on the skeleton of the family barn with the recycled materials gathered from the Nishiawakura's closed down primary school. Similarly, the main house was constructed from the trees of our mountain property. The process and its outcome have been a reminder of our past as well as a beacon for the future. 


We believe changes should be for the better. We believe our children should have a brighter future.  We believe our children should have the best fuel for their creative minds. 

We are a vegetarian bakery and café with all the goodness that nature can provide. This also means that whenever possible, our ingredients are either organic or locally sourced.


Our bread is made fresh, exactly as it is meant to be with organic stone-ground flour, salt, and water, kneaded and shaped by hand. This method gives the bread delicious crust and a brilliant complex flavour. The process is long, arduous, and delicate...and worth every effort.  


Using simplicity to exceed your expectation. 



Hugo et Leoのパンは私のヨガインストラクター、そしてヨガ実践者としての旅を反映しています。ヨガのプラクティスは、自分の身体、心、魂が一つになる体験、そしてそれを持続する試みへと導いてくれています。ある医学の研究によると胃の状態は、我々の精神的、感情的健康と深い関係があるそうです。私たちのパンは添加物は一切使用していません。オーガニック強力粉やスペルト小麦をベースに、栄養価たっぷりの種、ナッツやドライフルーツを加えたしっかりとしたクラストのパンとペイストリー。お楽しみください!





Our products reflect my journey as a yoga teacher and student. This journey is leading me towards a deeper awareness of the unity between my body, my mind, and my soul. 

Also some research has been conducted on how our gut health impacts our mental and emotional states. So here I am presenting you with bread that contains no chemicals or additives.  We add our favourite natural and organic wholesome grains, seeds, dry fruit, and nuts here and there to produce our hearty gourmet bread and pastries. Enjoy! 




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