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オーガニックデーツとフェンネルの全粒粉パン Dates

オーガニックデーツとフェンネルの全粒粉パン Dates


Organic dates and fennel wholemeal bread

Local wholemeal wheat flour   岡山県産全粒粉(60%), organic stoneground white wheat flour オーガニック石挽強力粉 (40%), salt 塩 (2%), yeast イースト (1%), natural additive free dried dates 無添加ドライデーツ (15%), Fennel seedsフェンネルシード(2%). 

I tried this recipe with my friend Maria Grazia who worked on a farmers market every Sunday in East London. These two unlikely flavours (dates and fennel) somehow pair together very well and remind me of my time spent in India while fusing with a decidedly Turkish flavour. A savoury and sweet bread that isn’t too much of either, but just enough of each.The dark spots on the surface are where the dates got a bit crispy. Do as many London restaurants do and serve this slightly sweet bread with unsalted butter or with a variety of cheeses.



  • 室温(20ºC~22ºC)の場合







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